Performance Events Links for Mixed Breed and Purebred DOGS

Tired of Dog Beauty Contests?
Try Dog Sports/Performance Events!
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1. AMPWDA – Mantrailing, Search and Rescue

2. The North American Dog Agility Council – NADAC, LLC – Agility

3. Welcome to USDAA – Agility, Rally

4. Dogs on Course in North America – Agilty

5. Australian Shepherd Club of America, Inc. | ASCA Information – Herding, Agility, Obedience, Rally, Tracking (Note: OPEN to ALL breeds, not just Aussies)

6. AHBA – Herding

7.United Kennel Club: Home – Lure Coursing, Dock Jumping, Rally, NoseWork, Agility, Obedience, Weight Pull

8. American Kennel Club – Dog Shows and Trials – Obedience, Agility, Rally, Flyball, Tracking, Lure Coursing

9. APDT Rally Transitions to Cynosport APDT Rally – Rally

10. Canine Life and Social Skills – APDT Title equivalent to AKC CGC (temperament/ obedience)

11. American Kennel Club – Canine Good Citizen® Resources – AKC CGC (temperament/ obedience)

12. Therapy Dogs International – Therapy Dogs

13. Delta Therapy Dogs · Delta Society – Therapy Dogs

14. United Schutzhund Clubs of America – Schutzhund, IPO

15. American Treibball Association – Treibball

16. Backpacking Title – Appenzell Mountain Dog Club of America Backpacking Titles

17. AMWA Working Pack Dog Titles (Backpack) | AMWA – Working PackDog Titles

18. Adventure Dogs USA Title Programs | Adventure Dogs USA – Wilderness Dog Titles, Urban Dog Title, Versatility Dog Titles, Aqua Dog Title, Community Service Dog Title

19. American Sighthound Field Association – Officers and Regional Directors – Lure Coursing (Note: Some events OPEN to all breeds)

20. Assistance Dogs International : Assistance Dogs International : Setting standards for the assistance dog industry since 1987 – Therapy/Assistance Dogs

21. Canine Freestyle Federation – Dog Dancing/Freestyle

22. Musical Dog Sport Association – Dog Dancing/Freestyle

23. ALL Canadian Disc Dog – Disc Dog Clubs and Associations – Frisbee/ DiskDog Titles (OPEN to Americans)

24. Making K9 Nose Work® the Best Smelling Dog Sport Ever! | NACSW – Nosework/ Scent Training Titles